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Vario Roll Eaves
Vario Roll Eaves
  • Eaves/gutter drip with butyl strip on either face
  • Easy to fit due to corrugation
Valley seal
Corrugated, high-grade flexible polymer sheet for fast, reliable waterproofing at valleys
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Efficient water shedding
  • Excludes water and wind-blown snow
  • Protects against leaves and soiling
Valley sealing strip
State-of-the-art plastics technologies and foam mouldings are superseding expensive copper assemblies by delivering fast, neat, low-cost solutions with reliable results
Eaves comb fillers
Eaves comb fillers available as individual units and in rolls
  • Prevent entry of birds
  • Universal application
Eaves units
Ventilation unit for additional ventilation at eaves with fourfold function
  • Prefabricated units comprising ventilated eaves batten with eaves comb filler
  • Provide for additional ventilation between roof tiling and weather skin
  • Integrated eaves comb filler prevents entry of birds
  • Universal application
Ventilation sections
Ventilation sections constitute an essential part of the roof ventilation system
  • Maximum protection against entry of birds and vermin at eaves and curtain wall assemblies
  • Available in aluminium and plastics
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • 30 mm legs with nail hole
  • Both legs perforated